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czech universities application process

get and initial consultation

Contact us and discuss your study options with our professional consultant.

Choose your study program

Select the most suitable study program based on your personal requirements.

Prepare documents for the university application

Collect necessary documents and send us scanned copies for final check.

Process the application

Check the application deadlines and make sure you apply in time.

Fulfill the admission requirements

Pass entrance exams, provide results from international testing or take a skype interview.

Get acceptance

Receive an acceptance letter and get ready for your visa application.

Apply for the long-term visa

Gather necessary documents, set an appointment at the Czech embassy and process your visa application.

Arrange accommodation in the town of your studies

Confirm you reservation at dormitories or rent a private accommodation with us.

Enroll and start your educational career

Confirm your arrival, register at Foreign police, enroll and start your education in the Czech Republic

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